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The Plant Sale!

May 25, 2007

Also a date held on the calendar for a few months now, and the whole initial reason for the trip out.

Farmers and nurseries from all over come to sell everything from veggies to exotics. We got mostly tomatoes (cherries, romas, heirlooms, and beefsteak) and peppers (sweet and hot). 12 of each. Plus lots of basil, spinach, kale, chard (my new favorite thing), cilantro, but no tomatillos for Chris.

Found lots of interesting flowers I’ve never grown, plus ones I have not been able to grow since Austin. Zinnias! Pansies! Bee Balm! Lupines! Larkspur! Might regret the larkspur later when it’s taken over everything.

Chris contemplates thyme…


The haul (in the boyhood wagon)

the whole haul:
haul at home

and now we gotta find a place to put it all. This doesn’t show the many packs of seeds too. Gotta have sunflowers!


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