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Back in Taco Country!

June 22, 2007

Back in Vegas, land of better salsa! The plane was late (traveling with Chris & the poor guy’s a magnet for delays and cancellations.), and we drove away from McCarran airport at 1 a.m., but Roberto’s Tacos never closes!

1 carne asada burrito and one frijol y queso, por favor.

About 8 hours later, it was time for breakfast at taco stand # 2, down on Sahara after dropping the Jetta at Madrid’s Pit Stop for some work. Madrid says I don’t need a clutch yet!! 143K miles on the original one! Brakes, yes. Mountains, here we come!

“Chris contra La Galaga de Tacos de Mexico”

Chris vs. Galaga
taken with my new camera phone. Not too bad for a plastic lens.

No hogging la salsa!

No hog the salsa.

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  1. kylie permalink
    June 22, 2007 11:55 pm

    love the blog, Baby! Have some of that better salsa for me. Why do you think there are no decent taco stands in ithaca? This is a niche waiting to be filled…

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