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At home

July 31, 2007

Back in Slaterville and daring to feel almost settled! A lot can happen in 31 days. You can get married to your sweetheart, meet 150 or so new friends and family, drive 2500-odd miles, see the Prairie for the first time during a purple sunset after a summer storm, watch a semi-truck upchuck all your earthly possessions onto the driveway and wonder how it’s all going to fit in the house, fret about getting a job or not getting a job, then get the job situation you wouldn’t have hoped to ask for! find that you have lovely neighbors who will mow your yard–unasked–while you are gone for 3 weeks, see a little red fox that lives nearby and hunts for breakfast in your yard, eat bushels of fresh greens and herbs (only a few tomatoes yet!), discover while on a various bike rides like the one to Cayuga lake that you live in Charm Town, USA, it’s so stinking cute around here, buy sweet corn from an untended roadside stand ($4/doz on the honor system), sit on the back porch at night after the damp heat has lifted and watch the last of the fireflies. It’s good to be home.

We head to Seattle tomorrow to climb Mt. Rainier. So though I promise to resume posting, it won’t be until after we are back next Tuesday (and rested).

Scenes from our drive coming soon. Until then, scenes from a garden:


coneflowers after a rain



squash blossom


Zinnias at last

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  1. craftyinfidel permalink
    August 3, 2007 3:06 pm

    Beautiful! Love your pics. You sure have crammed a lot into the last month!

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