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It’s a nanoworld

October 2, 2007

Ok everybody! Time for a field trip! Today, with the gracious help of Tal, last week’s birthday girl, and Sofia, the insider, we got to tour the Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Center, where the dress code is pretty strict. We are all sponsored by Tyvek in here, since we went into the clean rooms. (Chris is instantly psyched, as these double as full-body poison ivy protection when climbing in certain seasons in the Black Canyon. And we get to keep them!)

sponsored by Tyvek

Sofia and Mike are regulars, so they get cooler suits. They are also geniuses who really know what’s going on inside this place.

Sofia and Mike

At the end of the tour, Sofia showed us, with the help of an electron microscope, the cancer cells she is researching. Mike described a machine using electron beam lithography that “reproducibly writes sub-twenty-nanometer features.” Were it running, the vibrations caused by our tour guide’s voice would have distorted its writing. The room is its own building, with a foundation sent down to bedrock. It still has a window.

Always good knowing there’s a shower nearby. These suits are getting hot!
(actually, a man works with acid Stage Right.)

nano tour

Incredible experience. Thanks, Tal and Sofia, for making it happen!

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