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an elf in the ‘ville

October 6, 2007

Last night about dusk, I was out in the hammock, sleeping under a blanket as I’d done most of the day, laid low from some nasty bug or other, and Chris was washing some paintbrushes in the driveway. That’s about when I heard a flute playing, or maybe a recorder is a better description–warm, woody notes. The playing stopped, then started again, just a section of song, enough to make me raise my head and peek around just in time to see a woman’s figure with long dark wavy hair dash off the road, behind the bushes and up the hill into the field across the street! Gone, and the music, too.

I asked Chris this morning if he either heard the playing or saw anyone of that description, and of course he did not! There were 2 women on horseback who went that same way, he said, but no flute. The logical conclusion? We have springs aplenty, so it must be a wood nymph.

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