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Putting the garden to bed

October 28, 2007

Yesterday was admission day: the tomatoes will not come back. So I pulled out their browned skeletons, wishing we had been able to use all that the plants gave. Whether from over-ripening or suffering from slugs or some strange mottling disease (and neglect), too many fell on the ground. It’s sad to see the end of bounty and colorful, ripe, sunny days, but the attention has to shift to preparing for the cold to come as well as planning for next spring’s effort. Not so many plants next time, for starters.

old tomatoes

The swiss chard, however, is very happy about the chilly nights. We had a potful of kale + chard the other night, and can look forward to more until it really freezes I think. Living so much from the garden all summer has shown me so much about what you lose when you lose touch with growing things in the ground. That, and that $3.45/lb for zucchini at the local food co-op is absurd.


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  1. craftyinfidel permalink
    October 28, 2007 6:04 pm

    What a beautiful garden to put to bed- well at least the photos are beautiful! $3.45 for zucchini? Sounds like NYC prices to me.

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