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Going to Africa Steps 2 and 3

November 10, 2007

2: Buy tickets. Check! 4.5 months of travel scheduled. We.are.really.going(!)

3: Get vaccinated. Ouch.

travel shots

Got 3 shots Friday: DipTet, Polio, and the 1st of a sequence of 3 HepA+B shots. Go back in a week for the 2nd Hep and the start of the live viruses: Yellow Fever and oral Polio. My left arm feels like someone socked it, my right one like I ran into a wall. Chris did come to hold my hand (he’s had all his), which helped (ask Mom about the diversion tactics I’m know for to avoid getting stuck. ok, right, you probably can’t ask her. When I was 3 and was just about to get a shot in the butt, I screamed “gots to go potty!!” so loud that they heard it in the waiting room, mortifying my big sisters and providing entertaining dinner stories to this day. ha. ha. ha. There. Now we don’t have to tell it again ;)

The bright stack of sheets lists all the information on each vaccine and the basis for considering its receipt. What I’m considering most about the Rabies “pre-exposure” shots (there are 3!) is that they are $175 each. They buy you 2 days after being bit, licked, or spit on by a rabid animal to get 2 post-exposure shots. I shall fastidiously avoid the local kittens…

Word to travelers: budget your travel vaccines.

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  1. craftyinfidel permalink
    November 13, 2007 11:04 pm

    Yikes! have your arms stopped hurting yet?
    But on the other hand, “Wheee! You’re going to Africa!”

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