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I’ll take 13 hrs of 2-lane over 3 in a blizzard

January 4, 2008

This post is long-overdue, mostly because we’ve been having too much fun with our families to spend much time online over Christmas, and then skiing in CO took over. I’m in the library in Gunnison again for this post—we’re turning in my rental skis today and heading back tomorrow :(
This trip has seen great times, long drives, and some crazy beautiful weather!

It started 12/22 flying into a Wichita blizzard! I really can’t believe they got us out of socked-in Chicago and into there at all on a small jet even! Fortunately the snow and wind were short-lived, but scary while it blasted. We got the LAST taxi out of the airport, who just happened by with a drop-off after they had stopped dispatching taxis there. So lucky. He drove us inchingly and safely to the home of Chris’ Great Uncle Ken and Aunt Marge, who we’d long planned to have lunch with. Unfortunately we had to cut the lovely visit short, as Chris’ folks were also on the road to pick us up for the 90-mile drive back to Salina! In the snow.

The 13 hours of 2-lane came 12/26 on the drive from Salina to El Paso, picking up US 54 in Liberal, KS, and taking it all the way to the border, the drive sun-kissed and clear, with one stop for Dairy Queen. The morning started with the wide gray-blue Kansas horizon and ended with a purple sunset and starlight on the white peaks of southern New Mexico.

The third leg of the trip was from EPTX to Almont, CO, a solid 10 hrs. We hit a little wind and snow coming into Gunnison for the last hour but nothing like they got on the front range. The signal that it must be pretty cold came from all the deer and bighorn sheep we saw right off the road foraging for grass. There’s a lot of snow here early.

Let’s see if I can get all the pics up from here today…

Very happy to see the ground after not seeing it until we were about 80 ft above it! Deplaning on the snowy tarmac…

wichita stairs

wichita 1

Welcome to Wichita!
wichita 2
Our plane
wichita 3
That taxi isn’t coming
waiting for taxi 1

still waiting
Santa taxi arrives and we stuff skis and all inside
wichita taxi
On the way back. Norm scraping iced-over wipers.
Norm wipers
one of dozens. How long do you wait to get pulled out?
car n a ditch
again with the wipers.
Chris n Norn wipers

Thanks Norm for the good driving!

Looks like the rest will have to wait for next time.

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  1. craftyinfidel permalink
    January 5, 2008 8:31 pm

    Holy white outs, Batman! Glad you’re having some fun flaunting the weather. Norm sounds like a good guy.

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