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Cuttin’ out the Waste

January 10, 2008

In the process of organizing for the trip, we’re trying to figure out what to do with the mail so the new tenant doesn’t have to deal with it. It’s not a problem for the bills since most of them can be auto paid. The problem is the *excessive* number of catalogs (mostly) I seem to get. Every day it seems 2 or 3 arrive, only to be recycled. Who knows how many steps they go through to get to me, how many people handle them, how many expensive miles they have traveled only to hit the circular file?

Now I must admit to a healthy pattern of consumption in the past, and my favorite companies want to remind my just how much I like their stuff. Some completely random ones do, too. (Crazy Shirts anyone?) So on the catalogs come. Not to sound too PSA on you, but I discovered a site that will ask the companies NOT TO MAIL YOU!!

Oh joy!

It’s called Go sign up and plug your info in and wait for the mail to stop. You can undo it later if you don’t want to miss Crazy Shirt’s spring fashions. I just declined 27 different catalogs! That’s not including all the Pennysavers and the charities sending me calendars and mailing labels.

Give it a try. You’ll have less to do after each trip to the mailbox, and your mailman might thank you, too.

There’s another cool site, “Love Food Hate Waste,” that’s designed to help you figure out what to do with nothing less than leftovers! I sort of can’t believe people need to be taught what was once a deep practical necessity. But we are all so rich now, the fruit and vegetable drawer at the bottom of the fridge full of perishables nearly turning. The site also talks about how to cook in the right portions so you don’t have so much leftover to begin with (note, it’s from the UK if you’re afraid of the metric system). It’s a social site, so people from all over can contribute their ideas and recipes. It’s encouraging to see communities turning from the throw-away mindset we’ve had for too long. Check it out and leave a recipe.


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