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Photojournalist of the Year

April 1, 2008

We interrupt Safari Week to bring you the news that John Moore is this year’s Photojournalist of the Year, the award given by the National Press Photographer’s Association!

You can see the winning portfolio here. It’s an incredible body of work surrounding the war in Iraq. He was also present at the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and those terrifying images are included. You won’t be sorry to take some time to look at them and the other winner’s portfolios.

John was at UT when I was there, a couple of years ahead of me, and I worked with him during my little stints at the Daily Texan newspaper. He was driven then, already stringing for AP, and after graduation dove immediately into the life of a photojournalist posted overseas. He just kept going from there, doing great work in some of the most conflict-ridden areas of the world. This isn’t his first big accolade, but it’s so great to see him at the top of his game, loving the work he does.

It’s just Tuesday but the week so far has been filled with news of great accomplishments from old friends. Besides John, there’s another old Austin friend who I hear is now the principal of his own architecture firm doing high profile work, a dear friend in Vegas about to launch her biggest PR account ever, and today Jim is about to set loose the best climbing guide book the Adirondacks have ever seen. Then there’s always my grant-winning honey, working through daily frustrations on the work here he’s passionate about. I’m awed and inspired by all of them.

Sometimes we toil away and things don’t seem to change much at all. Then the day comes when the many pieces and efforts take a new shape. Sometimes others see it and you hit the Internet winning a famous competition. Sometimes it’s just you who savors the fruit in quiet.

Here’s to enjoying the work you love, in the daily determination and in the bursts of glory.

The song that should be playing: Soon Enough, but doesn’t because I don’t host my own server.
Press play.

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  1. April 1, 2008 8:21 am

    Mr. Moore is most deserving — his photos are stunning.

  2. April 10, 2008 1:01 am

    You said it, Girlfriend. here’s to work we love.
    (Sorry to have been so absent. I was working in Ithaca for a week at a friend’s yarn store. Talk about work I love!)

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