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Mara Garden

April 2, 2008

Flowers growing in the Mara, usually buried deep in the tall grass, are hard to find. Since we couldn’t get out of the vehicle often, chances to nose around in the dirt were few. Looking around, you see so many different types of plants weaving in together with the grass. Here are some that were in bloom.

white 1

white 2

Below is Commelina benghalensis aka spider wort, day flower, wandering Jew, Zeb grass. 80 species grow in Africa. (I knew the little flower guide book I got would pay off!) Out at Lukenya, they are brilliant blue.

this one looks Bachelor buttony to me. How’s that for scientific?



My favorite surprise, fungi growing on elephant dung, a rich herbivore substrate. Discovered while Francis and Chris attempted to dig out the bogged down, high-centered 4×4.

aren’t they pretty?

Growing in camp:

Pencil plant fence

small veggie garden patch behind the kitchen hut. The broad-leaved tree in the back is a tree tomato, which makes a divinely tart rich red fruit.

aloes outside the loo…lush, aren’t they?


Morning glories in the early rain, our last morning.

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  1. April 3, 2008 6:25 am

    Hi Lynn,
    Found you on Blotanical – the first African blog I’ve seen. It’s really interesting to see what grows in such a different environment. Will be a regular visitor from now on, and will add you (eventually – no time today) to my blogroll.

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