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Reading challenge list update and SC2S gets a new page

April 3, 2008

2 new books have been added to the reading list–received as birthday presents :)
I’m going to keep it all neatly in the new tab up top from here out, along with the recommendations I’ve received. Let you know when reviews are up. I think I’m over-thinking them (no surprise) but will light a fire under it.

#5. Livingstone’s Tribe: A Journey from Zanzibar to the Cape by Stephen Taylor. A white South African liberal expatriate travels along the paths of explorers and missionaries to see how whites fare in post-independence East and South Africa: “…a melancholy collection of white misfits and failures…as well as a heroic, dwindling clutch of missionaries still holding the line… The catalogue of theft, corruption, murder and superstition that Taylor chronicles makes appalling, fascinating reading.” (given by my honey)

#6. The Famished Road by Ben Okri. At nearly 600 pages (followed by a sequel! talk about commitments…), it’s the fattest in the stack. About a spirit child who decides to remain in the mortal world. Opened randomly to this passage: “The photographer took five pictures in all and the ghosts kept falling at his feet, dazed by the flash.” African magic realism. I can’t wait! (given by G&R)

Moved the Kony bio down the list since I don’t have it yet and because it’s a spendy one.

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