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Safari Week wayliad by techincal difficuties and geeking out

April 5, 2008

Sorry. I promised a story about the safari each day, but WordPress is excrutiating to work with as far as picture uploads go (one at a time on a blocky connection = very impatient me) and, to make matters worse, I have been pretty unhappy with my picture output quality and don’t want to use the sorry jpgs i have. Because YOU deserve the best (but really it’s probably only me who will think that the colors are way off, and they are).

Then I log on to WordPress today to find they have comPLETEly revamped the admin dashboard, and I must explore. So far it seems like they’ve made loads of improvements in speed and response time (and the change could explain a little about why I had such a hard go of working with it the past several days). They’ve reordered many of the controls, some of them poorly in my mind, but that’s just being used to the way things were.
Bonus addition: you can now upload AUDIO!!! Oh, how I have longed to add songs to a post (and me with no MP3s on my computer anymore–all were wiped off to make precious space for the growing image library). Fortunately there’s the HYPE machine and music bloggers who generously share.

That’s where I’ve been. Now it’s Saturday, and my honey is back in bed suffering from a bad bout of choma, so we’re in for the day. Time and prospects are looking good for overcoming recent technical bungles and getting you those elephant pictures at last!

-Geek, out

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