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waiting, but not idling

April 8, 2008

Got a little cynical last post. Got a little sad and fed-up and tired. Kenyans are still waiting, the “Grand Coalition” government still at impasse, still yet to do a damned thing, but there is better news today (besides the KU win ;): Emily wrote this morning about Slum TV in the news, and the good work they are doing to train journalists from the Mathare slum to tell their own stories and then show them to their neighbors in community screenings since there is, as yet, no Mathare television channel. The news is better than you think, and sometimes worse.

Here’s the good word from ABC, Australia (might have to scroll down for Slum TV link) and in the Washington Post!

I went with Emily to Mathare one hot February day when she was interviewing some women who said they were interesting in joining the film crew. Janice was ready and waiting (she lives just next to the office in Eastleigh) but the other prospective was help up at a hair appointment, so we went to meet here there.

Em takes a meeting:
meeting with women prospects in Mathere

friendly discussion

Cameramen at the office:

Grand coalitions may be, at best, untested, and at worst a lie. Smaller efforts, from Janice and Benson, Emily and all of the crew, go on, and I should not have forgotten them.

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  1. April 10, 2008 1:08 am

    Here’s a great big hurrah for all the brave souls doing great work, when the incumbent bureaucracy can’t or won’t.

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