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Monday Bloody Monday (matatu version)

April 21, 2008

A guest post from my honey, depicting a not-too-far-off-typical morning commute to town, a taste of matatu-riding:

as soon as i got out to ngong rd, a #2 pulled up and i hopped in. they were jammin’ to the number one hit kenyan tunes, complete w/ video screens showing the choreographed dances of many samely-dressed artistes.

i sat in the front row of seats in the back, and when we got to prestige, i helped the guy who was on my right next to the window lug his giant, 2000 pound bag out of the matatu. it had been wedged by his feet. when i got back in, i looked down and saw that my pants were about 1 cm from a BUNCH of smeared BLOOD that was all across the front, and pools of it on the floor! i’m sure the meat that was in that bag was REAL fresh….

we pulled into a gas station, the barker did a quick soapy wipe job, and then we were off. no, he did not take off the folded bills [shillings] interlaced b/w his fingers….

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  1. April 23, 2008 6:42 am

    Wild. A woman once handed me her baby on a crowded bus in Bolivia so she could hang on for dear life, but I think your fresh meat trumps my story!

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