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Ch-ch-ch-changes! We got a dog!

June 15, 2008

went to the SPCA to look, just look, at cats and make sure that my honey’s really down with the idea. There was one big trucker of an orange tabby who was winning his heart, but the concentration of cat dander in the communal cat room was WAY too much for unaccustomed noses, so we went out to get some tissues and talk about it. Talking while we walked through the dog territory…

As soon as I saw this little Beagle mix I was taken, and as soon as my honey saw him, he was in love. It took us another 2 hours or so to walk and talk about it, but it was clear that suddenly dogs were not on the distant horizon but in fact going home in the back seat. He’s a lover and we love him.

Name? He came in as “Buddy” but at the shelter they renamed him “Jake.” Buddy Jake seems like a mouthful, so we’re holding off on the renaming for now, if there will be one.

He might get a friend soon. I’d been looking online and loved her story.

She’s 9 and so pretty, but with a sad story behind her. How nice would it be to make her last years good ones? We can go visit her next week, cause I’m of the mind that animals should have a friend (or maybe a Buddy?).

Sigh, but the house is pretty small to add cats right now, too. We won’t count them out forever though.

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  1. June 23, 2008 3:48 pm

    Awwwwww! Buddy Jake is so beautiful! coco is too. Unbelievable how cruel people can be. I’m sure her last years with you two would be marvelous.

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