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June 18, 2008

We didn’t change his name, we just added to it. He knows he’s “Buddy,” so we don’t want to give him an identity crisis with something new. But there were so many good suggestions: the sentimental “Lucky” who was my Grandpa’s Beagle, and offers by people who wanted us to name him after them, so like a pedigreed dog with a $100 string of non sequiturs who then gets called “Pooky,” he’s just going to be Buddy or Bud. He’ll know he’s in trouble when we break out all the names. And “Duke” might become one of them after what he left us on his blanket while we were out yesterday. Still working on the potty training, but it’s going really well, all considered.

It’s wonderful to have a little furry somebody hanging around my feet in the house again. He never gets too far away, making sure we aren’t going to leave him. The SPCA was right about him being a “lap Beagle.” He curled up on my honey’s lap while he worked from home all afternoon. He gets tired of the floor. Lucky Bud wants to help me garden, too, but doesn’t yet understand why he can’t dig in the nice loose dirt of the front flower bed…

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  1. June 23, 2008 3:49 pm

    Send more pictures of your well named pooch!

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