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a sage surprise

June 19, 2008

Yesterday I walked over to the Plantations Herb Garden at lunch in the rain (one of the many benefits of working here–the garden, not the rain), one of my favorite places in the world. In mid-summer it’s thick with texture, color, and scents that represent all the ways people use herbs, but now it’s still small, bare, mostly green. I was excited by the many varieties of cold-hardy salvia in bloom, going way past the old standby salvia greggii I am used to, and thinking I’d find some for our garden.

Then later, just by chance, I ran across the article, Confessions of a Salvia Eater, about salvia divinorum, “diviner’s sage,” taken for its vision-giving properties. Who knew? Apparently a huge following of would-be shamans.
So maybe the Herb Garden doesn’t include ALL the ways people use herbs…

The herb becomes the teacher.
Men stray after false goals
when the herb he treads knows much, much more.

– Henry Vaughan (1622-1695)

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  1. June 23, 2008 3:51 pm

    I loved the Plantations too. Remind me to take you to the conservatory gardens when you’re here next. They are beautiful and really helped me pull through that dreary month of March.

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