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What the #@^*! is eating our greens?

July 25, 2008

First the arugula fell, then the collards, but the romaine is so far holding fast against the onslaught of something evil that leaves pin-sized holes all over the lovely, fragrant, iron-rich greens that I REALLY wanted to eat, but now have the texture of sandpaper. bleh. The ONE baby chard that is starting to grow (because I accidentally trampled the rest) is sure to fall prey…grrrRR!

Anybody know what it is and how we fight back?

I have a great book on organic gardening my wonderful mother gave me from the year I was born, called Bugs, Slugs, and Other Thugs, and it can probably tell me too when I get home tonight, but I was just seized with the urge to know…you know how it is.

Edit: Turns out Mom gave me Best Ideas for Organic Vegetable Gardening, a Rodale pub :) Looks like I need to get reunited with my garden library!

Judging from the description of damage in Thugs, I think we have flea beetles…great.

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  1. July 30, 2008 7:12 pm

    Yikes! That sounds serious! I think they have a shot for that though…
    Sorry to hear about your greens though. It occurs to me that Mum might be able to help you out in the bug department. She’s at

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