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Stuck in Bedford, TX, with the El Paso blues (again)

December 23, 2008
the NYC skyline as we never wanted to see it

the NYC skyline as we never wanted to see it

Spent 19 hours getting nowhere yesterday, or rather, to Bedford TX by midnight, when we were supposed to be having a lunch of gorditas with Mom and Dad on the border. In short, because an airport shuttle comes in 10 min to get us to DFW for the last leg of this too-long journey, our airline was grossly understaffed, and the two people on the ground simply could not process people fast enough to get us all on the plane. It left without us and at least 30 others. It happened to the plane before ours, too. Hours later, while getting booked on two other airlines for the three legs to get us where we should have already been, we heard grumblings from gate staff that all the airlines are having trouble keeping people, then hiring green new people at $9. Who’s going to show up at 5 a.m. in a snowstorm for $9/hr? Well hundreds of us got there on time to do our part, and the airline failed us. We were one of the lucky few to actually be booked on flights the same day. Most were looking at leaving on Christmas eve. But one of our connections was canceled for mechanical reasons, so here we are in a motel outside of Dallas.

We’ll be in EPTX by 10 or so, but it’s 24 hours with my parents I can’t get back.

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