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January 20, 2009

You can be Web 2.0 too!
Wordle makes tag clouds from any text or a URL with a feed. More like a concept cloud, since every word is used (minus common words). This is the first one I made using my home page.
I’m not sure how one would use this on a web page, since it isn’t dynamic or embeddable. But you could print out out to make a cool flier easy and fast. Since you’d be dealing with a screen capture, I’m not sure how you could get one high-res enough to take into another program and build more around it. Nice toy!

UPDATE: A colleague introduced this to a faculty member, who is now using it in a course to demonstrate the evolution of four versions of a constitution, and the changing words that come to the fore.


Take 2:

this is probably the weirdest one out in the gallery. beware mandy

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