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Eden, exhibited

January 26, 2009
<i>Girl with a Bee Dress</i> by Maggie Taylor

Girl with a Bee Dress by Maggie Taylor

I just found out that there is an exhibit of photographs at the Johnson Museum called “Picturing Eden,” first shown at Eastman House, and the book of which I’ve been spending time with since checking it out of the library six months ago. It’s not as edenic a portrayal as you might think. If you have a notion to consider creation and death and are also preoccupied with things that grow in the earth and crawl on the ground, I’d go see it. You have until March 22.
See some spreads from the book here.

Picturing Eden offers a rare opportunity to view the work of contemporary photographers who examine the many facets of paradise, from a place of contemplation and restoration, to a site of loneliness and despair.

Organized in four sections – Paradise Lost, Paradise Reconstructed, Despairing of Paradise, and Paradise Anew – Picturing Eden explores the development and changing styles of the garden and concepts of paradise. By looking at the notion of paradise and the garden through the photographic lens, the book highlights the original lost innocence, the ongoing significance of a humanistic, culturally charged environment, and its place in the history of art.

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