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roadtrip, NYC

February 3, 2009

Weekend before last we went downstate, to the city. I love saying, “downstate.”
The main purpose was to see Devotchka live! Sadly, the sound mix was terrible, and we were stuck in the balcony behind a silly drunken girl–two strikes. But the band gave their all, and you could still feel the passion and hear the theremin up in the balcony behind the drunks. (btw you really should go to the Devotchka site for the band photos and to see that fabulous hat she wears!)

Besides that and a stop at ICP, we mostly wandered in the chilly sun. Today Ms. Andrea sent me a link to an article on lego art about NYC, which reminded me that my most striking memory of the trip was standing on the subway platform watching a really big rat beat up a littler rat over a yogurt container.

lego art by Christoph Niemann

lego art by Christoph Niemann

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  1. andrea permalink
    February 4, 2009 5:34 pm

    my favorite is a toss up between the “fresh pepper” and “stepping into bubble gum – or worse”. i heart ny but i heart legos more…

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