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a glorious day to turn ?0

April 3, 2009

crocus-in-the-yard-3005It’s not quite Cold Climate Kathy’s crocus bank, but I’m pretty happy that the 200-odd fall-planted crocuses in small drifts here and there are up and doing their darndest to cheer us every day. Here they are on my birthday afternoon. It was a spectacular day.


‘Katherine Hodgkin’ is here for a short while. Isn’t she lovely? These little bulbs are the showiest thing around right now (besides the crocus, the only thing around) More shoots are just now coming up in other beds, so I think we can look forward to these for a few more weeks! I love the details of this little flower. And blue & yellow is so chic ;)



new-bike-2994My honey surprised me–really, truly surprised me–with two incredible birthday gifts. He outfitted my crappy 100-year old road bike as a fun, comfy, 5-speed cruiser. It’s got a bell! With wide bars and pedal brakes, I’ll be able to safely handle Buddy’s leash so he can run alongside, and we can all go out cruisin’ together. THEN he replaced my crappy 100-year old road bike with a brand new Felt! It’s the white one in back. It’s so light and cool. It’s raining again today, but we’ll be out in the rolling hills soon to try it out. Growing gardens, young Beagles, & a bike-loving man all seem like fantastic partners in not getting over the hill :) And I’m so very grateful. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a very special day.

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  1. kris permalink
    April 6, 2009 6:36 pm

    oh that iris! and BIKES! My Z is all for ’em too and it was probably that very same day that he helped me replace my 100 year old helmet with a speedy new one. Time to ride for us all – but which bike will you choose???? (And please let on sometime about how you trained Buddy to run side saddle. I’m pretty sure Nino would tip me right over.)

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