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order in the veg patch

April 28, 2009

The past two weekends have seen the shoring up of the veg patch, which had begun meandering over the property line and had turned into a wiggly trapezoid. Now it’s a 42′ x 8′  rectangular vegetable factory.

the half-fence goes in

the half-fence goes in

After digging a new edge, the last thing to do was fence off the Buddy side of the garden to keep him from dragging his rope through it (we will get the electric fence working soon!). Now that it’s done, it looks like we put in half a rabbit fence, so maybe it will keep half the rabbits out, too. We’ve never had a rodent problem, so may that good fortune continue.

This will be Veg Patch Year 3 for me, and the most well-planned as yet. Last year was a bit of a wash, since we got back in the country June 1. It was all 16 tomato plants, too many hot peppers, and about 2 collard plants. This year, I want succession planting and to eat from this baby up until and after fall frost! So. Here’s what we have growing now:

  • Sweet Pea seedlings on the goofy teepee and on 2 old tomato cages. I’m hoping they won’t look ugly for long.
  • Snap peas on the straight trellis
  • 2 short rows each Spinach and Chard
  • 1 short row Kale
  • Lettuce mix in a cluster around the teepee
  • Arugula around the teepee
  • long row of Leek starts planted just this evening from dryish, spindly-looking Agway starts purchased yesterday
  • row of Beets (blend of ‘Bulls Blood,’ ‘Chioggia,’ and Golden, planted this evening
  • Strawberry pups from mother plants in 2 summers ago
  • 60 garlic plants going gangbusters. We wanted more scapes so doubled what we grew last year. No vampires here.
  • the green area at back right is an oregano, 5 Allium rosenbachianum, chives, bee balm, and room for more herbs
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  1. April 29, 2009 12:23 am

    Wow Misslynn- that looks so nice! I am impressed. You should definitely be able to eat out of that one until January! Love it:-D

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