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Happy Music Monday

September 14, 2009

Living in the sticks, music news comes late. But just let me tell you that that it made for a helluva Monday to make these two late discoveries–Jim James has a solo EP out, and Monsters of Folk (J. James, M. Ward, Mike Mogis, and some other dude) are about to release a record and go on tour! NYC here we come! Seeing them together at HoB in Vegas in 2004 (?) was a huge treat, and also a cultural enlightenment into the emo kid world (there to see he-who-shall-not-be-named,convulsing on stage, and discover James and Ward). Why is he with this band and why does he get top billing in the illustration and elsewhere? blehh)

As discovered on the NPR Song of the Day, Jim James put out a solo EP covering George Harrison songs from All Things Must Pass. He recorded the songs in 2001 just after Harrison died. It’s worth it to go to the NPR site to hear Long Long Long in the NPR player. If you just can’t be bothered, listen to Behind that Locked Door on youtube.
As compared to the original.

Or buy the whole dad-blame thing for 6 bucks on Yim Yames web site. Why the Y’s? Silly, but makes it easier to search for the solo stuff. Part of the profits go to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Jim’s made good.

And then, Monsters of Folk is a brilliant name even if the music weren’t special, which it is, and which you can hear a preview of on their site.

This is my favorite so far. M. Ward’s picking and singing lead off…

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