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Docent Days: Wrap up

November 26, 2009

Recently the docents did an end of tour season lunch to meet one more time and talk about how the year’s tours went. I remembered sitting in the classroom overlooking the bare Magnolia macrophylla back in early March, feeling wistful, eager, and ignorant. My goals were to learn more about the plants where I live, more about the outdoor classroom of Plantations (since it taught me so much already just nosing around), and to get outside myself by talking about things that are easy to talk about when you love them and are excited. There at lunch with our teacher and a few of the old pro docents, in the classroom overlooking the fading Magnolia, I felt confident, comfortable, and a notch above ignorant. Shame we’ll have to wait until next May to get going again–the newbies were just hitting our stride.

Plus, the herb garden is stunning right now, with Stephanandra incisa ‘Crispa’ glowing on the slope, but most of the rest of the plants are becoming textural shells. Hips and berries adorn bare branches, and the formal Winter Garden is coming into its own. Here’s the last photo tour from a walk through the herb garden as it goes to bed.

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  1. November 26, 2009 10:47 am

    Promise to get back and shoot more pix there in winter. It’s a real gem then and a shame more folks don’t get out to see it.

    • November 30, 2009 10:12 pm

      Thanks for the reminder to go again in the snow, Craig. I don’t think I got there at all last winter.

  2. grwhryrpltd permalink
    November 26, 2009 12:26 pm

    are you still planning on compiling a time laspe view of the plantations? looking forward to seeing how time has left its mark on the gardens, and vice versa.

    • November 30, 2009 10:17 pm

      Sadly, I don’t have all the pics to do it. I had to miss a couple sessions, and then somewhere in the middle I left the camera at our friends house 2 hours away… maybe next year?

  3. November 28, 2009 11:40 pm

    I really like the shot of the rose hips, the one with yellow crabapples and the colorful conifers.

  4. Kylie permalink
    November 29, 2009 7:46 pm

    Lovely! I’d forgotten you’re a docent- may I have a tour there by you sometime?

  5. November 29, 2009 9:30 pm

    Your beautiful photos produce much nostalgia for me. I wish we lived closer and could visit this wonderful garden more often.
    How nice to see Kylie here. She was just with us for a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends.
    My husband and I would love a tour by you sometime too! :)

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