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the birds have flown

January 20, 2010

One of winter’s lonely ingredients is the dearth of birdsong. June’s predawn mayhem can make you crazy, but the January stillness is maddening, too. Two mornings ago, I thought I heard the screeching of our resident hawk, but didn’t see her and haven’t in a while. I miss her presence over the hills we walk every day. Even the bird feeder on the apple tree has been left half-full for almost a week. Usually a mix of little blue-gray birds & cardinals empty it in a few short days. Fortunately the crows (a bloody murder of them, I like to say) has not found it, preferring to dig in the cornfields and keep their caw-cawwing across the road. Polite crows, but they don’t sing.

So I’m going to Sapsucker Woods on Saturday to see where they’ve gone, or learn better how to find them. They give guided birdwatching walks for beginners every Saturday & Sunday at 10 a.m. for the rest of the winter. Don’t forget your mittens!

Exploring this, I stumbled on an exhibit at the Lab of O that’s part of the Light in Winter Festival, starting this weekend: The Sweet Voiced Bird Has Flown–Portraits of Common Birds in Decline. Maybe I’ll find some of the missing there.

Another show shouldn’t be missed by native plant lovers:

Living Light; a Celebration of the Finger Lakes Native Flora, at Tompkins County Public Library at 101 E Green St.

“A juried exhibit organized by the Finger Lakes Native Plant Society and featuring the work of 50 artists working in all media, will be on display throughout the library. The exhibit will also include educational exhibits in the Avenue of the Friends and material relating to four workshops being held in conjunction with the exhibit.”

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  1. Kylie permalink
    January 27, 2010 2:06 pm

    I miss the birds too, but I heard something out the bedroom window today. Will have to get better at identifying birds by their songs. I really will send some files along from that bird/plant class soon!

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