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VaVa Bloom Garden Show & other delights

April 15, 2010

It’s a big weekend for gardening events in this area. At the Va-VaBloom show at Dickman Farms this weekend in Auburn, the number of the workshops and talks they’ll host rivals the recent Syracuse garden show’s. Our friend, Lucie Wellner, will be painting and showing her art along with other artists. I haven’t been to Dickman Farms yet, but any place that both supports artists and has been honored for sustainable practices is OK by me, and I’m looking forward to it (‘specially since it’s supposed to be 47F & raining here). Events are Sat. April 17th – 8am-6pm, and Sun. April 18th -10am-5pm. Click the logo for more details.

The Plantsmen opens this weekend! And I have a gift certificate…

The Cornell Orchard has buy-one get one free cider (Hmm, I wonder if it’s turning into hard cider) and are now selling seed packets of select vegetable squash, cucumbers, and muskmelon cultivars developed by Cornell’s breeding programs. “These cultivars are unique and delicious, they have resistance to common disease problems, and they produce high yields in upstate New York and beyond. Proceeds from sales of these special seeds benefit Synapsis, the graduate student organization of Cornell’s Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics.”

The rock garden society meeting is also this Saturday, where “internationally known” Rochester gardener Jerry Kral will speak on dwarf conifers in the gardens. Those will be the plant of the month, so I’m hoping to bring home something cool. It’s also the member seedling swap, but what I might have to bring seems meager. Seeds I winter sowed are only beginning to break through the soil. A few divisions I made last weekend and potted up look crummy right now, and I don’t have names for them. Something I do have are baby Eryngiums coming up in the ACTUAL garden from Mother Nature’s hand–my favorites, too, the ‘Rattlesnake Master.’ I don’t know if I have it in my heart to give away those first babies, but maybe one or two. Wouldn’t be right to go empty-handed.

Hope spring’s got plenty for you to do in and out of the garden this weekend!

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  1. April 15, 2010 10:29 pm

    VaVaBloom looks as if it would be wonderful to attend. There are interesting workshops. I’d happily attend the pizza workshop on Sunday!

    I love Eryngium of all kinds. You’re lucky to have babies of them.

    • April 15, 2010 11:29 pm

      Hi Kate, don’t they look fun? The baby Eryngiums were such a sweet shock, especially since I did NOTHING but leave the stalks on the plants. I think I love this one the most since it’s native, and tough, and there it is reproducing under the eave of the house where it stays dry as a bone. Just the way it likes it, I guess! Let’s hope the seeds of others stratifying in the refrigerator will do as well.

  2. April 16, 2010 9:55 am

    Ooooooh! I wish I was there to go to some gardening shows with you. So many fun things to do. Have a great time!

  3. April 16, 2010 8:20 pm

    Nice to see that at least someone reads the other blogs I work on. Maybe I’ll just start labeling them ‘Lynn’s Calendars’.

    • April 17, 2010 10:52 am

      thanks, and could you send me a feed link, too? :) I don’t do much, but I do love calendars.

  4. April 17, 2010 6:12 am

    hoping for the “miracle of the hard cider” enjoy the weekend!

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