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few things incite me to want to do violence

January 10, 2012

…like cruelty. Things like this make me fear and hate humans and our capacity for wreaking terror on other people and animals alike. For a buck. To beat the spirit out of this baby elephant, while her mother watches, screaming so she can be ridden by tourists. Full story:

Baby elephant tortured into submission before illegal smuggling from Burma to Thailand.

baby elephant tortured in the name of "training"

Sick irony, no? I should want to right this wrong, understand the economic factors beneath the horrific reality in this scene. But I want only to beat the head in on the guy wielding the stick, then his helper.

The photographer mentions two organizations doing work that could stop that scene from happening again; what, how many hundreds more times? Contribute to one of them if you can.
Elephant Nature Park and Elephant Conservation Network
It should go without saying that if you’re visiting Thailand, please don’t ride the elephants!

baby elephant and keeper at the Sheldrick Trust outside Nairobi, KenyaElephant lives and habitats are at risk in every place they call home, and in Africa they’re being maimed by poachers’ wires if not killed outright. You can help baby African elephants orphaned by poaching, and assist strong conservation work by giving to the Sheldrick Trust. Knowing this place exists, and having seen the sweet babies playing together and the love of the care givers firsthand, helps a little.
But their mothers are still dead.

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  1. January 11, 2012 1:07 pm

    Oh God. How awful. Thanks for the links. It is simply amazing the forms of cruelty that humans can dish out. We see this so often at the dog shelter where I work too- the poor pups have been beaten in order to make them “more submissive.”

    • February 24, 2012 10:48 pm

      Dogs were on my mind when I read it, too. And people. Staring this in the face is still too much for me, still.

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