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One week shy of a year

August 26, 2012

20120826-171815.jpgThe sky above our yard is alive with dragonflies and chimney swallows and warm rain falling in a curtain straight down, and I never expected to be eating rain-washed raspberries in the South Side of Chicago.

In a week, one year after our nervous arrival, we move 7 blocks north, out of this 117-yr-old greystone into something spanking new by comparison, and ours to do with what we will.

I will miss the kind, generous, welcoming neighbors we now cherish as friends, the berries in fall, the shops and park around the corner, and one glorious kitchen. But I am digging up the Katherine Hodgkin irises that I didn’t kill after all in the move, and going to prepare a spot for them, and us, to set down new roots.
Stay tuned.

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  1. August 28, 2012 3:41 pm

    Best of luck with the move. Hope the new neighbors double the friends you have in Chicago.

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