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A guide to weeds

June 14, 2016

While working and volunteering at our community garden, which was overrun by bindweed, ragweed, redroot pigweed and other unwanted plants, it became clear pretty fast that many of us didn’t know what those plants growing on the edges, some in beds, some in plots, were. Some got pulled that shouldn’t have (I am guilty of mistaking horseradish for dock. oops.) while others started out looking innocent but turned into giant tap-rooted behemoths you couldn’t kill with a blowtorch. It took a few frustrating events to realize we needed a weed guide devoted to our block on the south side, and another year to make it happen.


It isn’t Weeds of North America by a stretch, and relies heavily on university extensions and other authorities, but it helped the gardeners at the 62nd Street Community Garden discern what we needed to eradicate, like bindweed, ragweed, and redroot pigweed, to name a few, what we wanted to preserve in dedicated areas (milkweed), and what not to waste time on, like plantain. Maybe you can use it, too.



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