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Bee teaser

March 19, 2018

I’m excited about a couple of articles coming up soon with my stories and photos. Here’s a little teaser: honeybees bringing in early spring pollen in Lexington County. Their loaded pollen baskets on their hind legs look like tiny rocket boosters. Look for it next time you watch bees work flowers. If you ever have an opportunity to watch honeybees up close at the entrance to the hive, take it. Their communication, their spiraling orienteering flights, the sound, all is fascinating.

beepollen-6327I have not detailed my season as a beekeeper in Chicago, one of the most demanding activities I’ve ever attempted. Chicago is a great place to learn, with a large, connected beekeeping community, bee-friendly city ordinances, and copious pollen and nectar sources. Still, I couldn’t keep them alive over winter.

Knowing what I do now about the time commitment and extent of healthy hive management, and the impact of native bees compared to honeybees (all of European origin), I’m not eager to have my own hives again. Still I’d love to regularly help out other beekeepers and continue learning. Mainly I’ll focus on creating healthy habitat and nutrition sources for native pollinators and bees of all kinds.

Check out pollinator-friendly plant lists that Xerces Society created by region, and learn about the wide breadth of Xerces’ bee conservation work.



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  1. Ali permalink
    March 19, 2018 2:28 pm

    Love the observation that they look like they are carrying rocket boosters! Sounds like an exciting but sad story…

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