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Happy Spring CSA

March 20, 2018

Welcome Spring! We’re all ready. Since we still are renting and not gardening, we signed up for our first ever CSA (community supported agriculture) from City Roots Farm, meaning gorgeous local organic produce every week. What’s double cool is that when we’re back in our own house, this urban farm is a 5-minute bike ride away (longer on the uphill home). Last week’s share was baby celery, collards, carrots, shitake mushrooms, and arugula microgreens. The beets were from a different farmer at Soda City Market. Look at all this!

SPringCSA-9150 What do to with it all? We had chicken quarters from Wil-Moore Farms (regulars at City Roots’ Thursday market), so a quick search brought me to Vinegar Braised Chicken Legs, a sticky tart shitake-heavy concoction from Bon Appétit. What about all the celery? My son wanted to make Ants on a Log of course, but these stems were too tiny and tender for peanut butter. Enter Warm Shitake and Celery Salad. Thank you, Internet.

I’ve become much less exacting when it comes to recipes, substituting ingredients we don’t have for what’s on hand. Hey, I chip away at pesky perfectionism wherever I can, plus we eat better. With the chicken, onions subbed for shallots (not so delicate, but tasty). Skipped the raisins because no one likes them and chile to include my six-year-old’s palate. For the salad, the tender collards subbed for spinach, and no one missed the nuts and cheese. SO many mushrooms in this meal! Cooked with the chicken, they became part of the gravy. Warmed up in a hot cast iron, they were the star of the salad, meaty and tender.

All this on a Monday! Thanks City Roots and all the recipe writers out there saving weeknights. What are you cooking up to bring in spring?


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